Fee Payers – pay monthly in advance. Invoices will be raised termly in advance based on a booking form for regular users at a rate of £4.10 per hour or £4.50 per hour for two year olds; this means that you will be invoiced for the times that you have booked rather than actual attendance times. Any additional hours attended after the booked hours will be invoiced weekly at our adhoc rate of £4.50 per hour. Any additional hours attended after the booked hours will be invoiced weekly at our adhoc rate of £4.50 per hour.  Invoices raised for adhoc usage will be due for payment within one week. 


Early Arrivals and Late Fees

Our staff ratios are calculated on the number of children we have booked into the sessions.  Early and late collections especially during session crossovers at breakfast club and lunch times can cause staffing issues and have repercussions on the setting.  We will not be able to accept your child before their booked time and any alterations to your collection time need to be agreed in advance with a member of staff.  Failure to collect your child 5 minutes after your booked hours will result in an additional half hour charge payable at the ad-hoc rate. Failure to collect your child 10 minutes after your booked hours will result in a £10 charge in addition to the normal adhoc hourly rate.   


Payment for invoices will be required one month in advance; your invoice will include the total for the whole term and a total for monthly instalment payments which will commence in August.  You can either choose to pay in full on receipt of your invoice or spread the cost and pay by weekly or monthly instalments.  If your payments are paid on time for the period you will be rewarded a 7.5% discount on your fees which will be applied to your invoice for the following term.  Please note that your account must be paid in full at the end of each term to qualify for this loyalty discount.


Fees are organised as follows:


  • Our Regular Fees rate is £4.10/hr – A Regular User books usage termly or annually in advance to guarantee a place (all bookings must be made before the new term commences). If bookings are not made termly in advance, you are an ad-hoc User

  • Fees for ad-hoc usage is £4.50/hr

  • Pre-School Fees for 2 year old children are £4.50/hr – Slightly higher fees for 2 year olds are charged to support a staff ratio of 1:4

  • There are no refunds for cancellations although changes in circumstance will be considered on an individual basis. Notice of withdrawal from clubs is one month.

  • There is a minimum charge period of one hour and half hourly charges after that

  • The Family Discount is structured as follows: 25% to all siblings of highest user. Discounts are applicable to fees only and do not apply to charges for school dinners. Discounts will also apply only to fee payers not to funded children

Non Payment

If a parent/carer is having difficulty making a payment the Financial Administrator/Manager should be contacted to arrange a payment schedule that is affordable. 


The Financial Administrator of Upwood Small to Tall is Sue Holman and she can be contacted on

01487 802086 or via email at office@upwoodsmalltotall.co.uk 


Any correspondence between the Financial Administrator, Manager and yourselves is strictly confidential and any issues are dealt with on a ‘need to know’ basis. Items that need to be brought before the Committee for a decision will be anonymised so that individuals are not discussed by name.


If fees are not received within the specified 30 days a follow up letter will be sent.  As a charity we rely on the prompt payment of invoices to continue to provide a service, however we are aware that circumstances arise that may result in parents/carers having difficulty making payment.


If after receiving a follow up letter, fees are not paid within 14 days or contact is not made with the Financial Administrator, you will be notified that your child will be unable to attend any provision at Upwood Small to Tall whilst your account remains in arrears.  Further action may be taken through the claims court in order to recoup unpaid fees.


Repeated and continuous late payments that result in additional administrative duties may incur a fee reflective of time in preparation. Terms will be discussed on an individual case basis.


Cheques should be made payable to “Upwood Small to Tall”, payments should be provided in an envelope clearly labelled with the child’s name. Cash is also accepted but please ensure that it is sealed in a named envelope. Any cash payments must be handed to a member of Upwood Small to Tall Staff at the office, a receipt will be given. Upwood Small to Tall cannot be responsible for any payments given to any other persons.


Electronic Payments – You can also arrange to make payments electronically, please contact the Financial Administrator for Upwood Small to Tall’s banking details.


Breakfast Club

8.00am – 9.00am. Attendees are charged the full hour regardless of what time they arrive and there is no additional charge for breakfast - Breakfast is served between 8.00am and 8.30am. 



Children not in receipt of funding or who are using funding elsewhere are charged the hourly rate. Sessions for 2 year olds children run from 9.00am – 3.30pm. Pre-school children over the age of 3 can access a limited amount of places in the breakfast and after school clubs.

Fees are not refundable for non-attendance due to reasons such as illness or holidays taken in term time.


The table below explains when early years funding is applicable:-



A child born between the dates below will be eligible for funding as follows:


1st April to 31st August:  the start of the autumn term following their 3rd birthday until statutory school age


1st September to 31st December:  the start of the spring term following their 3rd birthday until statutory school age



1st January to 31st March:  the start of the summer term following their 3rd birthday until statutory school age



Some two-year-olds become eligible for 2+ childcare from the term after they turn two, or when they are assessed as meeting certain criteria. Upwood Small to Tall is able to accept this funding, please speak to a member of staff for more information

Pre-school funded hours are subject to a termly contract. Changes outside contracted hours are chargeable at the hourly rate.

After School Club

Available to primary school aged children and a limited number of pre-school children aged 3 or over.


The after school club runs from 3.30pm – 6.00pm. 


Attendees are charged for the first hour and then every half hour afterwards depending on time of departure.


If a child is registered to attend on certain days places are charged from the opening time of the setting at 3.30pm regardless of whether the child is attending a school club, this is because we cannot give the child’s place to another child during the school club time as it has already been reserved for your child. If the school club is cancelled we then need to be able to give the child a place in the setting and we also need to ensure that the setting is staffed at the correct levels for children attending the club from the start of the session. 


We welcome ad-hoc users to the clubs however parents should be aware that places are filled on a first come first serve basis and if spaces become limited they may not be available to ad-hoc users. 

Further guidance





This policy was last reviewed on:  22nd June 2020